"Proud To Be  
New Yorker"
Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Project
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
Social Studies Links
The links below will help you complete the Social Studies portion of the brochure.  Please
make sure that 3/4 of the page is written work.  These are just some ideas and
suggestions.  We encourage you to explore the websites and go beyond the initial link we
are providing for you.  There are many, many historical places, people, and events that
occurred in New York.  If you have questions please see Mrs. Krajeski or Mrs. Tator.
Updated by Debbie Tator on December 13th,, 2009 Updated January 3rd, 2016
The above link will take you to the
"Biography" page of the website.  
Please click on the other links on this
site to find out other information about
Picture of FDR from: Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library ; Theodore Roosevelt picture from: Nobelprize.org : Picture of Martin Van Buren
visitingdc.com : Picture of Millard Fillmore from: Librarythinkquest.org : Picture of Nathanael Greene from: oldhalifax.com : Picture of john
Jay from:
TheAmericanRevolution.org : Picture of Fort William Henry From: mohicanpress.com : Picture of Bayard's hill from: photobucket.com :
Picture of Brooklyn Naval Yard from:
brooklynnavalyard.org : Seal of Kingston New York from: Kingston New York website : Picture for Buffalo
andrle.com; Picture of Albany, NY from bugamerica.com
The above link will take you to
Whitehouse.gov to find out information
on Teddy Roosevelt. There is a great
amount of interesting information I bet
you do not know about our 26th
This link will take you to The
Theodore Roosevelt Association. It
will give you an abundance of
information if you click on the many
other links from this initial website.
Martin VanBuren lived in Kinderhook
New York (just across the river from
where we are today).  Click on the link
above to find out information about his
personal and political life.
Millard Fillmore was the 13th president
of the united States.  To find out
information click on the link above or
click on
Whitehouse.gov to learn more
about this President.
There are many famous Revolutionary War heros that came from New York. Below are only a few.  If
there is someone else you would like to do check with Mrs. Tator first.
Nathanael Greene "The Man
Washington Always Trusted"
Click on the link above to find out
about Nathanael Greene.  You can
also click on this link:
The Library of
Congress to find out more information.
Fought over several days, the Battle
of Saratoga was the Turning Point of
the American Revolution.  You can
also click here

more information on this battle and
many others.
Not only the First Supreme Court
Chief Justice, but also important in
the Revolution for our freedom.  
Click on the link above to find out
more about this great man.
Click on the link above to find
out more information on the fort
and battles that occurred there.
Click on the link above to find
out about the battle of Stony
Point and Click on this link about
West Point Military Academy.
Every village, town, and city has some historical information about how it was established and the
famous people that have passed through or lived there at one time or another.  Below are only a few
listed places with historical value.  Also, there are obviously many more forts that are of importance in
New York history.  You may chose something not found below, just check with Mrs. Tator before
you do so.
Click on the link above to find
out the role Fort William Henry
played in the French and Indian
War and the American
This fort was important in the battle for
control of the Great Lakes and Ohio
River Valley regions during the French
and Indian War.  Click on the link
above to acquire the information you
need to complete the brochure.
Go to the link above as well as
"The Grass Fort or Bayard's
Hill redoubt Episode" to find
out more information about this
historical fort.
Click on the above link as well as
BrooklynNavalYard.org to find out
information on Brooklyn Naval Yard.
Kingston, New York
1st Capital of New York
Click on the link above as well
as this link:
City of Kingston to
find out about this very
important place in New York
Did you know that Buffalo is the 2nd
largest populated city in New York
State? Click on the link above as well
Chris Andrel's site to find out
more information on the rich history of
Buffalo and why it is an important city
in New York State.
Albany, New York
Capital of NYS
Click on the link above to find
out some interesting historical
facts about New York City
(Manhattan).  Make sure you
click on "Geography and
Origins" as well as "NYC
Albany is the Capital of our great
state, but long before it was the
capital it was important in many
ways.  Click on the link above to find
out the role Albany played in the
French and Indian War, stratigic role
during the American Revolution, and
overall history of our great capital.
While I do not encourage you to use the
Wikipedia site, I do encourage you to use the
list of Famous People from New York and then
you can search other places for information on
these people.
New York has been home to many famous politicians.  Some influential political figures have actually moved to New York
State because it is a good stepping stone to getting into the White House.  Below you will find a few of these people and
links to finding out information about them.  
have also provided links for you to find other influential politicians if you want to explore the many people who have
influenced political history of our country.