"Proud To Be  
New Yorker"
Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Project
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
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Science Links
The links below will help you complete the Science portion of the brochure.  Please make
sure that 3/4 of the page is written work.  These are just some ideas and suggestions.  We
encourage you to explore the websites and go beyond the initial link we are providing for
you.  There are many, many science related ideas that you could chose from are from in
New York State.  If you have questions please see Mrs. Krajeski or Mrs. Tator.
There are thousands of unique animals and plants that grow in New York.  Below you will find links that can take
you to research some of the unique animals and plants of New York.  Please make sure that when you make your
choice you full explain the animal/plant, and provide a picture of it.  For example, explain where in NY it is found,
how it has adapted to its environment, what it's food source is, habitate, etc.
Karner Blue Butterfly
Picture of Karner blue Butterfly from northwestohionature.com ; Picture of Bluefish  from ny.gov/marinelife;   Picture of giant hogweed from
agamakt.state.ny.us ; Picture of Timber Rattle snake from esf.edu ; Picture of george Eastman from Kodack.com ; Picture of Willis Carrier from
about.com ; Picture of Gertrude Elion from nobelprize.org ; Picture of Jonas Salk from famousscientists.net ; Picture of David Nelson Crosthwait from
Great Lakes Gray Wolf
Bluefish off
Montauk Point Long Island
Giant Hogweed
Timber Rattle Snake
There are many famous inventors who originated or live in New York.  Below you will find a few of
them.  Click on the link above to view more options.
You have probably heard on the news or read about our energy crisis that hs been going on in America for
decades.  Well, many states are coming up with new and innovative solutions to help stop or slow the
energy crisis.  Above you can click on a link to the Energy Solutions Website or you can click on some of
the provided links below to see what NYS is doing to stop the ever growing energy problems not only our
state, but the United States is facing today.
We constantly hear about "Global Warming" in the news.  Well have you ever wondered how the weather
patterns have changed or not changed in New York State?  Click on the link above to find out more about
the weather history of New York.  Also, you can click on this link to see
record snowfall totals.
If you click the link above it will
take you to About.com to find
out more information about the
man who revolutionized
photography.  If you click on the
picture to the left it will take you
to the Kodack website which will
give you more background
information on Mr. Eastman.
Ever wonder who we should be
thanking for those cool places to
go on hot summer days?  Well, we
should be thanking Mr. Carrier the
inventor of the aircontioner.  That's
right, the man who invented air
conditoning is right from our own
backyard.  Click on the link above
to find out more about this amazing
Gertrude Elion, a nobel prize
winner, is an amazing woman.  She
recently invented a drug for figting
leukemia.  Click on the link above
to find out more about her and her
Luckily, because of Mr. Salk we
do not need to worry about polio
because we get a vaccine when
we are babies.  However, in the
early to mid  era of the 20th
century many people were
inflicted with this disease.  
Research how
Mr. Salk came
up with the vaccine, and also,
other vaccines and scientific
research he was working on.
This great man designed the heating
system for Radio City music Hall
amongst other inventions .  Click on
the link above or his picture for more
This remarkable woman helped
invent a laser to fight cateracts.  
Click on the link provided or her
picture to find more information
about her.