"Proud To Be  
New Yorker"
Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Project
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
Physical Education Links
The links below will help you complete the Physical Education portion of the brochure.  
Please make sure that 3/4 of the page is written work.  These are just some ideas and
suggestions.  We encourage you to explore the websites and go beyond the initial link we are
providing for you.  There are many, many more Physical Education related topics that you
could explore. If you have questions please see Mrs. Tator or Mrs. Krajeski.
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Pictures From: Poster of Winter Olympics Lake Placid 1980 from Britannica ; Yankees emblem from graphicshunt.com ; Mets emblem from
sportable.com ; New York Jets emblem from thejetsblog.com ; NY Giants Title emblem from nyc.gov : New Yortk Knicks emblem ; Picture of the
Harlem Globetrotters ; Red bulls Soccer logo ; Picture of Saratoga Race Track from Travel Phots Igougo.com ;  Picture of the 2009 U.S. Open from
planet1.com ;
Are you into hockey?  Have you
ever heard of the "The Miracle on
Ice"?  It happened in 1980 in
Lake Placid at the Winter
Olympics. Click here to read
more about this, as well as the
other spectacular events past and
present that happen in Lake Placid
Olympic Center.  This has been
the site of more than one Winter
You can also click on the link
Lake Placid Olympic Region
find more exciting healthy exercise
you can find in the Lake Placid
If you clkick on this link "Miracle
on Ice" there is a YouTube video
about the win of the Americans
over the Soviet Union in 1980.
Did you know that NYS hosted not one but two Winter Olympic Games?  In 1932 and in 1980
the Winter Olympics were held in Lake placid new York.  Look to the links below to find out
more about Lake Placid and the Winter Olympic Games.
More Lake Placid and
Olympic Links
New York is the home of many major sports franchises.  Click on the links of your favorite teams
below to research more about how they got started.  If you click on the link above it will take you to
a list of famous sports teams in New York if you do not see your team below.  Beside these major
franchises there are also many smaller leagues "farm leagues" to check out from the link above.
Major Baseball Teams
Football Teams
The above link will take you to
the official site and you can
click on a time line to tell the
history of the NYY. Also, this
link for Sportsencylpoedia.com
will give more historic
The link above will take
you to the official site for
the NYM.  There you will
find a time line you can
click on to find out more
interesting history about
the Mets.
Click on the link above to find out
more on the history of the NYJ. Also
you can click on this link for
History of
the NY Jets.
Click on the link above to
find out more about the NY
Giants history.  Also you can
click on this link
History to find out more
Click on the link above to find
out more about the history fo
the Buffalo Bills.
Click on the link above to find
out more about the New York
Click on the link above to
find out more about this
amazing basketball team and
how they got started.
Click on the link above to
take you to the official site
of the New York Red Bulls
Soccer team.
Click on the link above to go
to the official site of the New
York Islanders.
Click on the above link to go
to the Rangers Official
New York State is the home to many major sports tournaments each year.Click on
the links below to learn more about these wonderful events that happen in your
own backyard.
The link above takes you to the
website about Saratoga Race
Track.  From this site you can
click the different links to find
out about the history of the
races run each year at the
track.  Also, you can find out
about the jockeys who ride the
horses and the trainers.
Do you like golf??  If you do
then you probably know that
New York was home to the
2009 U.S. Open. Click on the
link above to find out more
information about this sport
tournament. Click on this site
for the
USGA to find out about
the history of the U.S. Open.
Fishing/Hiking/Other Sports
As mentioned in the "Health" section, there are many hiking/biking trails, as well as, rivers
streams to canoe/kayak or fish in.  If you DID NOT already choose one of these options in
the Health section you may chose it now for the Physical Education section of your
Letchworth State Park