"Proud To Be  
New Yorker"
Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Project
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
Health Links
The links below will help you complete the Health portion of the brochure.  Please make sure that 3/4 of
the page is written work.  These are just some ideas and suggestions.  We encourage you to explore the
websites and go beyond the initial link we are providing for you.  There are many, many more health
related topics that you could explore. If you have questions please see Mrs. Krajeski or Mrs. Tator.
Page Created By Debbie Tator on July 20th, 2009
There are many major medical research centers that call New York State there home.  Below is a
listing of a few of those places.  If you know of another and would like to research it please check
with Mr. Volpe.
Sloan-Kettering is one of the leading
cancer research centers in the
country let a lone the state.  Please
click on the link above to go to the
site to find out more about them.
Make sure you click on the "About
Us" link at the top of the page to
find out more information.
Picture of Children's Wing  from Sloan-Kettering website ;  Picture of Albany Medical Center From: Albany Medical Center Website ; Picture of SUNY
Downstate came from the website
SUNY DOWNSTATE. Medical Center ; Picture for Rochester University Medical Center from ther website; Picture of
letchworth State Park from
grandcanyon.free.fr ; Picture of Adirondack park from virtualtourist.com ; and adventurehowstuffworks.com ; Picture of NYC Ballet
NY Times ; Picture of American Ballet Theatre from NY Times ; Picture of the Rockettes from: Mac's travel blog ;  Picture of Gregory Hines from: NY
Library ;
When you click on the link above I
believe you will be amazed at the
research projects that are taking place
at Albany Medical Center.  Please
make sure you explore the different
links within the site.  Albany medical
Center is directly connected with
Albany Medical College.  The hospital
is a learning hospital.
When you click on the site above go
the the left of the page and click on
"Research" from there you can
chose from a number of research
topics the faciltiy is working on.
When you click on the link above you
will find a wide variety of research
opportunities to look over for your
For the brochure you need to research 2 state parks and what recreational opportunities
they offer.  There are too many parks to mention, but you can go to the following links to
find a listing of the parks and links from those websites to research your choices.
Letchworth State Park
Click on the site above to learn
about one of the most famous
ballet groups in the country.  They
not only perform in NYC but also
have performed at places like
This is another school of ballet
located in New York City on
Broadway.  Click on the link
above to find out more about
the dancers and the ballet
When you think New York City,
Christmas, and Radio City Music Hall
you think of one of the greatest dance
troupes in the U.S., The Rockettes.  
Click on a link above for information
about this great company.  Also click
on this link from
About.com to find out
more history.
Gregory Hines grew up in New
York City and danced at the
Appolo theater in his teens.  He
also became an acclaimed
There are numerous dance troupes from ballet, to Irish dance, to jazz.  You can select from the list below, or
go to
Voice of Dance where you will find a list of dancers.  Please make sure when looking at this list that
you chose someone from New York.  The list is long and contains dancers from all over the country.