"Proud To Be  
New Yorker"
Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Project
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
Foreign Language Links
The links below will help you complete the Foreign Language portion of the brochure.  
Please make sure that 3/4 of the page is written work.  These are just some ideas and
suggestions.  We encourage you to explore the websites and go beyond the initial link we are
providing for you.  There are many, many more Foreign Language related topics that you
could explore. If you have questions please see Mrs. Tator or Mrs. Krajeski.
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Pictures From: Cornell Festival Finger Lakes, New York Festivals ; Picture of Chinese New Year Festival NYC from planetware.com ; Picture of
italian immigrants from
everyculture.com ; Irish Immigrants picture from Nolan Family history.
Many cities and towns all across New York hold festivals throughout the year to
celebrate their ethnic heritage.  below you will find a few.  If you know of one that is not
list below and would like to research it for your brochure just check first with Mrs. Tator,
Mrs. Krajeski, or Mr. Magge
Click on the link above to research one
of the many festivals located in the Finger
Lakes (Western New York) Region of
our great state.  There you can click on
links for many Native American festivals
as well as Greek, Jewish, Celtic, Italian,
and many, many more.
The irish festival held in the heart
of the Catskill Mountains in East
Durham NY is one of the most
talked about upstate festivals.  
Click on the link above to find out
more information about this great
cultural event.
New York being home to Lady Liberty on Ellis Island is one of the major "melting pots" of
America.  Thousands, if not millions of people from all countries have passed through New
York. Explore where immigrants came from in the early1800's, 1900's and today.  Compare
and contrast reasons for the immigration, areas they are coming from, etc.  Ask yourself the
questions who, what , when , where, and why.  Also, see how language has changed and
influenced New York society from Spain, and Latin America.
This celebrates Irish, Welsh, and
Scotish herritage.  Click on the link
above to find out more about this
Click on the link above  as well as
Shifting Dialect to learn how
immigration from Puerto Rico and
other Latin American Countries has
influened American language.  Pay
close attention to how New York
City has been cultural influenced by
this increase in immigration.  Look at
the words that we have adopted into
our own English language.
Click on the link above to learn about
the migration of Puerto Ricans to New
York and why they first began coming
and why they come today.
Click on the link above to find why the
Irish began immigratuing to America, in
particular to New York City.  If you
click the link above you need to scroll
down on the page to where it focusses
on Irish Immigration to NYC.
Click on the link above and other links
within the website to find out more
about Italian immigration to NYC.  
Also, if you click on the picture above
it will take you to another link to learn
more about why Italians flocked to
America and in particular to NY in the
early 1900's.
Click on this link: Immigration Irish to
find out more.  You can also click on
other links from this web page.
The Irish played a huge political role in
New York City.  You can click on
Immigration Irish: Irish Identity to find
out about
Tammany Hall and the role it
played in the Irish identity in NYC.
Click on the link above to find out more about African American Culture and
Language and how it is celbrated each year at the harlem Book Fair celebration.
The above link will take you to "Crossing
The Line" and discuss French Festivals in
New York.  This in will take you to the

French Institute
in New York.