"Proud To Be  
New Yorker"
Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Project
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
Art Links
The links below will help you complete the Art portion of the brochure.  Please make sure that
3/4 of the page is writen work.  These are just some ideas and suggestions.  We encourage you to
explore the websites and go beyond the initial link we are providing for you.  There are many,
many more Art related topics that you could explore. If you have questions please see Ms.
Morris, Mrs. Krajeski or Mrs. Tator.
Page Created By Debbie Tator on August 1st, 2009
If you click on the link above it will take you to ARTCYCLOPEDIA where you will find an extensive list of
Hudson River School Painters.  You may chose one of them to put in your brochure.  Also please click on
the links below to find out more specific information on the artists listed.
Picture of painting by Thomas Cole from allposters.com ; Picture of "Grandma Moses" from notablebiographies.com ;  Picture of Calvin Klein
notablebiographies.com ; Picture of Roy Lichtenstein from masterworksfineart.com ; Picture of Frederic Church from biography-center.com ;
Picture of Thomas Cole from  
thomascole.org ; Picture of Asher B. Durand from whitemountainart.com ; Picture of Ralph Lauren from
This amazing woman actually did not
start painting until her seventies.  To
find out more about this extrordinary
women click on the link above. Also if
you click on this link and go to
absolutearts.com you can find out
more about her.
If you click the link above it will take you to a list of "Famous New Yorkers".  From this list you can look
for the ones that are artists/sculptures/painters and you could chose from there.  Otherwise, look below
for some other choices of famous artists from New York.
Calvin Klein is one of the most
famous clothes designers and he is
from New York.  Click on the link
above or his picture to find out more
If you are interested in comic book
art or sculpturering you may want to
find out more about Roy
Lichtenstien. You may click on the
above link to find a timeline of
Lichtenstein's life. You may not
reproduce any pictures without
consent of the foundation.  The
picture to the right is not from that
website.  If you click on the picture
to the right you may find other
information out about his life and
If you click on the link above it
will take you to the Olana
website.  Once there if you got
to the left side of the page under
"Learn" you can click on the link
to learn more about Church.  
Also, if you click on his picture
you can find out more
information about this man.
Thomas Cole is the "Father"
of the Hudson River School.  
Believe it or not, he lived in
Catskill by the present day
Rip Van Winkle Bridge.  You
can still visit his house. Click
on the link above to find out
more about him and the
Hudson River School.  If you
read carefully you may come
to find out that a man from
Coxsackie was the one who
backed Colein his venture.  
Read to find out if you might
be related to the man who
helped get the Hudson River
School started.
If you click on the link above you can
find out more about the man who later
traveled with Cole to paint the
landscape of New York.
Click on the link of above to get into the Metropolitan Museum of Art website.  From
there you can click on the picture and then look to the left for a list of offerings.
Click on the link above to learn
about another famous fashion
designer who was also from the