"Proud To Be  
New Yorker"
Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Project
Coxsackie-Athens Middle School
English Language Arts Links
The links below will help you complete the ELA portion of the brochure.  Please make
sure that 3/4 of the page is written work.  These are just some ideas and suggestions.  We
encourage you to explore the websites and go beyond the initial link we are providing
for you.  There are many, many authors that are from New York or that now reside in
New York.  If you have questions please see Mrs. Krajeski or Mrs. Tator.
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The above link will take you to a
website where you can research
poets from New York State.  You
may choose from several.  Explore
the website to find out information.
Famous Playwrightes and
Novelists of New York
The above link will give you backround
information on Washington Irving, his
life and works.
The above link will take you to the
Walt Whitman website.  There you can
click on "Biography and
Correspondence" to find out more
about him.  You can also explore the
site to read his different works.
James McBride is an African American
journalist, muscian and writer.  He
grew up in Red Hook and Brooklyn
New York. To find out more
information about him click the link
More information about New York
Authors can be found at
New York
State Literary Tree. You can even
click on the map (top right) and
search by county.
The New York Library Association
has a link called
New York Authors.
This will take you to a list of New
York Authors.
This link will take you to Kidzpoetz
Publishing.com .
This site will tell you
about kids poetry.  The publisher is
from and lives in New York.  If you
click on the left "About Us" you will
find out about the author and why he
decided to create the site.
Click on the link above to find out
about all of the famous writers born in
NY and writers that have moved to
NYS over the years.  You will see
some familiar names like Maurice
Sandak who wrote "Where the Wild
Things Are", which will be coming out
as a movie this winter.