I have divided the resources below to help you determine the ones that will help you
with each task.  Beside the resources provided on the Internet you are encouraged to
use your Textbook, library books, or any Primary Document Information you can find.
If at anytime you need help ASK!!
Task 1:  Helpful Resources
-  Textbook either online or in the classroom
-  The
Task 2:  Helpful Resources
Clara Barton     -  another good site for Clara Barton
Some other great sites submitted by Rebecca W. are: Clara Barton '
Clara Barton Time line, PBS: Clara Barton
Jefferson Davis -another good site for Davis      
General Ulysses S. Grant   -  Another good site for General Grant
Rose O'Neal Greenhow   -  another good site for Rose
"Stonewall" Jackson   -  another good site for Jackson     
General Robert E. Lee      another good site for General Lee       
Abraham Lincoln         another good site for Abe Lincoln
Another great site for Lincoln shared by Evan P. is: Abraham Lincoln
Dred Scott     -  another good site for Dred Scott
General Philip Sheridan   Where was Sheridan born??? Good Site
General William T. Sherman   -  another good site for General Sherman
Harriett Beecher Stowe   -  another good site for Harriet Beecher Stowe
Task 3  Helpful Resources
Battles:    The American Civil War.Com
Appomattox Courthouse       
Bull Run         
Monitor vs Merrimack  :  The Ironclads!          
Task 4:  Other Helpful Resources
Civil War Biographies Page : Other amazing people involved in the Civil War!

This Week in the Civil War  This site is good for extra info for your papers!

The History Place: Civil War  
Civil War battle, Music, People Page

Civil War Fact Sheet - This site was submitted by my friends in Ms. Donovan's
Class from Texas!

"The Role of Cotton in The Civil War"- This site was submitted by my friends
in Ms. Moore's History Club from Lynchberg, VA.

"Civil War Resources From A Soldier to a Veteran"- This site was submitted by
my friends Dylan and Ms. King from Laramie Public Library! Thanks Dylan for
finding this great site.  MANY links off of this article also that are VERY

"A History of Illinois in the Civil War" by HomeAdvisor" This site was
submitted by my friends at Charlotte Library Summer Sessions Programs in
Tennessee.  Thanks to Bill for sharing out their find.  Another site I found from
a link located on the above is  
"Civil War Technology" from the History
Channel.  This goes into all forms of Technology that was new and used during
the Civil War including Weapons, Photography, and more.  You will find
MANY useful links from the link that was shared by these young people.  
Thanks again!
Updated 4-17-18